For LiveChat, even a single missing
email could lose a deal or customer.

Learn how Postmark consistently delivers their emails to the inbox.

Read the story → Bartosz Olchówka, Head of Development at LiveChat

Bartosz Olchówka
Head of Development at LiveChat

Unmatched email
delivery & troubleshooting

100% inbox rates

Since we send transactional only, ISPs love us. Our infrastructure combined with proper content and delivery practices means higher response rates from your customers.

Troubleshoot email delivery

View 45 days of searchable sending history including full content, bounces, and spam complaints.

Postmark server activity
Postmark recipient activity

Track email performance

See who opened your emails, where they opened it, what clients and platforms they used, and even how long they read the email.

Recipient statistics

View a history for each recipient, including opens, location, read time, client, and platform.

Campaign statistics

Aggregate statistics using tags for campaigns or specific types of content such as your drip emails, welcome emails, invoices, and more.

Process inbound email into your app

Let your users reply to your emails and post them directly into your web app. With our inbound parsing, we process incoming email and send it to your app via an easily readable JSON document. All inbound emails can be searched and retrieved directly in the app or API.

Global, fast, and secure infrastructure

Security global


We have redundant data centers in five locations around the world, ensuring you never lose an email.

Security fast


With Geographic Load Balancing, you get the lowest latency and fastest sending for your app.

Security safe


We keep your data safe and secure with N+2 redundancy, regular security audits, and the latest encryption.

Extensive API to
integrate into your app

All of your data (really, all of it!) is available in our API, making it simple to integrate your emails, stats, and bounces into your app.

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Postmark is run by Wildbit, a software company founded in 1999 in Philadelphia. We built Postmark while running Beanstalk, and we felt completely blind for emails being sent from our web app. With existing knowledge in email delivery, we decided to tackle the problem ourselves. We’re profitable, debt-free and privately owned. Since 2010 we’ve sent billions of emails for customers, bringing better visibility and inbox rates for transactional email.

The entire team here is truly committed to making Postmark an amazing experience for you. When you get in touch, you will not only hear from Dana and Matt on support. Every person gets involved to give you the best answers possible, whether it is from a developer, the systems team or Chris and Natalie (the founders). Get to know the team:

  • Dana

  • Matt

  • Chris

  • Natalie

  • Igor

  • JP

  • Artem

  • Milan

  • Nick

  • Eugene

  • Derek

  • Michael

  • Mike

  • Shane

Have more questions? Email us or open a chat. We’d love to hear from you.

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